Rise of the Jinn is Now Live!

Rise of the Jinn - Amazon version - small

My latest novel, Rise of the Jinn, has been published! I’m really excited about this book and it’s got a ton of action to keep you turning the pages. As part of the kick-off I’m discounting the price to just $0.99, down from $2.99. The discount only lasts until August 8 so be sure you download it before the price goes up. You can get it on Amazon here. If you like the story, please be sure and leave a review. Thanks again for all your support! Synopsis What if everyone in the world was granted three wishes on their seventeenth birthday? Fame, fortune, superpowers, the girl or boy of […]

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NanoSwarm is Now Available for Purchase on Amazon!


I’m thrilled to announce that my second book, NanoSwarm, part two in the Extermination Day series (originally titled Fury of the Fifth Angel), has been published and is now available for purchase on Amazon.com! I’m really proud of this story. It’s a full throttle adrenaline rush from page one!

In this sequel to the post apocalyptic thriller, Extermination Day, the world waits quietly for the deadly virus to return. Only this time they are prepared thanks to time travelers from the future. Or so they think.

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Davidian Conflict is Now Available For FREE!


Synopsis – Lieutenant Commander Buddy Paulson is embedded undercover with the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas in 1993. He’s trying to prevent the deaths of over eighty men, women, and children. What should be a routine mission for his team, with their knowledge of the future, quickly takes an unexpected twist. Buddy finds something else at the Davidian compound, something from the future manipulating the timeline in devious ways. Can he stop the threat and save the innocents?

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Robocop and the Lost City of Atlantis


What do you get when you mix Robocop, The Lost City of Atlantis, and Adamantium fangs together? The following short story.

This idea sprang from an experiment I ran on my Facebook Page. I posted ten random things up there, basically the first ten things that jumped into my head, and asked people to pick three. I then said I would mix the top three into a short story. If you want to see what the ten things were, just check out my Facebook page. Be sure to click like while you’re there. 😉 Here’s the story—hope you enjoy it.

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Twists of Fate That Take Us On Surprising Paths In Life


Do you believe in fate? Or do you think that you’re in total control of your own destiny?

As an author I explore the many different paths that a character can take, some within their control, some not. I also find it intriguing to look at the choices I’ve made, or the random acts of God in my own life that have brought me where I am today.

My second child, a little girl, was born last week which has left me in a bit of a reflective mode. So instead of a sci-fi short story this week I thought I would talk a little bit about my own life and how I ended up writing in Colombia, South America – something I would’ve thought absolutely insane ten years ago.

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From The Deep Dark Sea


To shore up South Florida’s quickly eroding beaches the owner of a dredging company decides to dig from a restricted area in the deep ocean. He dumps tons of the pristine white sand and families flock to the shore to enjoy the summer. But something else came with the sand. Something ancient. Something hungry.

There’s a huge problem in South Florida with beach erosion due to storms and rising seas levels. For decades Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties have been pumping sand in to shore up eroding beaches. Most of this sand can be found offshore. But recently they’ve begun running out of sand and are having to look for it from other sources, including using recycled glass.

Desperate county governments are willing to do anything to save one of their main sources of revenue, tourists who come to the beaches. This leaves opportunities for corruption and cutting corners. It also leaves an opportunity for a creative writer to look at just how screwed up things can get when you “f” with Mother Nature.

And that’s where I come in.

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How to Make Your Very Own Zombie

scary bloody zombies waiting for prey

In this guide I teach you how to create your very own zombie in five simple steps.

Making the dead rise is not just for the Umbrella Corporation, Doctor Voodoo, or secret government research labs. Anyone can learn how to do this even if they only have access to a high school biology lab. It just takes the right ingredients and a can-do attitude to succeed.

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The Wonderfully Twisted World of Online Dating

Photo Credit: Monique Kooijmans via Compfight cc

Cameron Phillips is looking for love online. She thinks she’s found the perfect mate, but things are not what they seem. When Cameron goes to finally meet her cyber lover in person she’s in for the shock of her life.

If you’ve ever tried online dating before you know it’s easy to be duped. Just look at poor Manti Te’o and the fake girlfriend hoax played on him. While most online dating scams don’t go to such extremes, it’s easy to see how people can get tricked into thinking the person on the computer is their soul mate when in reality they could be their worst nightmare.

It’s only human to want to portray ourselves in the best light possible. That could run the gamut of getting a professional picture taken with a little Photoshop action to spruce it up a bit, to posting pictures from decades ago, back when you were twenty pounds lighter or had a full head of hair. We all do strange things looking for love and even stranger things for a little sex.

In the following short story I decided to take a look at online dating from a slightly different perspective.

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5 Weapons I Would Like To Print On A 3D Printer

Nanobots make great pets!

Recent news stories have covered the ease at which anyone can download blueprints for a gun and print it out on a cheap 3D printer. These guns actually work and fire multiple shots. Of course they are somewhat limited and the technology is in the very early stages. But as with everything, technology advances ever forward. This got me thinking about where this is headed. What will you be able to print in the future? Let’s take it to the next level. Here are the five weapons that I would like to print off.

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Healing Factor

The Axolotl Mexican Salamander swimming happily.

A young scientist is severely injured in Iraq and becomes obsessed with finding a way to heal his wounds. His efforts result in a scientific breakthrough that could change the world. But change it for the better, or for the worse?

I’m a huge fan of Marvel Comics the X-Men. One of my favorite characters has to be Wolverine. His accelerated healing powers and indestructible adamantium skeleton and claws make him a bad-ass killing machine. Who hasn’t thought about having awesome powers like that?

Well surprisingly there are animals that exist for real that have some amazing healing powers that approach those of Wolverine. The Axolotl, a Mexican Salamander, can regenerate whole limbs or organs. It will even absorb transplanted organs from other animals including eyes and parts of brains. Scientists are working now on figuring out how the Axolotl is able to do this.

In the following short story I take a look at a particularly motivated young scientist’s quest to unleash his own healing factor.

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