Extreme Online Dating

Cameron Phillips is looking for love online. She thinks she’s found the perfect mate, but when she goes to finally meet her cyber lover in person she’s in for the shock of her life.

5 Weapons I Would Like To Print On A 3D Printer

Recent news stories have covered the ease at which anyone can download blueprints for a gun and print it out on a cheap 3D printer. These guns actually work and fire multiple shots. Of course they are somewhat limited and the technology is in the very early stages. But as with everything, technology advances ever forward. This got me thinking about where this is headed. What will you be able to print in the future? Let’s take it to the next level. Here are the five weapons that I would like to print off.

From the Deep Dark Sea

To shore up South Florida’s quickly eroding beaches the owner of a dredging company decides to dig sand from a restricted area in the deep ocean. He dumps tons of the pristine white sand and families flock to the shore to enjoy the summer. But something else came with the sand. Something ancient. Something hungry.