In this sequel to the post apocalyptic thriller, Extermination Day, the world waits quietly for the deadly virus to return. Only this time they are prepared thanks to time travelers from the future. Or so they think.

When something they believed had been destroyed emerges from the ground, Jeff Madison, Holly Scarborough, and Lieutenant Commander Buddy Paulson must join forces to stop it. As they are preparing to fight, another deadly threat emerges, this one completely unexpected, hiding its lethality in the form of an innocent.

Jeff Madison never wanted to be a hero. He never wanted to see his friends and family die. He never wanted to time travel into the past to try and save humanity from a deadly virus in the future. But the evil that attacked the world left him with no choice. He’s always been a fighter. Now is his time to fight.

Jeff and the others think they know what is coming on Extermination Day. They’ve had a lifetime to prepare for the onslaught. The days turn into years, and each passing moment brings the Apocalypse closer. But when the time finally arrives, no one is expecting what comes next.



“Couldn’t put the book down! what a great way to end a “read”, my nerves have just been put through a major work-out. Loved it!”

— Theresa Possel

“The pace of the stories is intense. Each chapter leaves you compelled to keep reading, even when it’s 2:00 am and the alarm is set for 7:00 am.”

— D. Schunemann

“I thought the first book in this series was good, exciting, and varied but this second and final book is over the top!”

— Dingy Deb

“I love when I come across a book that I can’t put down and this is one of those. This sequel to Extermination Day is full of constant action and intensity.”

— Judy H

“Pulls you in to the whole theory of time travel and leaves you thinking what if.”

— Jason C. Harvill