What if everyone in the world was granted three wishes on their seventeenth birthday? Fame, fortune, superpowers, the girl or boy of your dreams—you can have it all if you just wish for it, right? Wrong. The Jinn have other plans. Every wish comes with a price—a sick, twisted price. The Jinn have waited an eternity to rise and take their rightful place as rulers of Earth. Now they finally have their chance.

Clover Grimwood finds out just how warped the Jinn, known as genies in the Western world, can be. On her older sister’s seventeenth birthday, Razul, one of the most powerful genies in existence, appears in Clover’s living room. He violently rips away everything she loves, destroying her family and leaving her desperate and broken.

The only key to her salvation, and the means to breaking the genie’s wretched curse, may be a legendary object of power, lost to the ages long ago. To find it, Clover must undergo a series of trials and reach deep inside her very soul to discover the hero she never knew existed. For in her hands rests not only the fate of her family but that of the entire world.



“An action packed, highly original story with interesting characters and plot twists. Constant cliffhangers make it impossible to put down.”

— Thomas Hilmersen

“This is a freakin awesomely fun story.”

— Liquid Frost

“Be careful what you wish for….Truly inspiring. I am sure there will be plenty of talks about Clover and her adventures for days to come.”

— Ailyn Koay


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