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How To Send Files to Your Kindle.

1. Visit the Manage your Devices page at Manage Your Kindle. You can also find the address on your Kindle under Settings > Device Options > Personalize your Kindle

2. Under ”Manage Content and Devices” click on the Settings tab.

3. Scroll down the page to “Approved Personal Document Email List”.

4. Click “Add a new approved e-mail address,” and add You should only have to do this once. (Selz is the online store platform that I use to sell my books.)

5. While you are there, look up the address for the kindle device or app where you want the file to go. You will be prompted for this address during the download process.

6. After you receive confirmation from my Selz store that your purchase is completed, you will see a delivery download window. Next to the choice to “download a .mobi” file, you will see an option to “send to kindle”.  If you don’t see this window, there will be a button for getting your purchase in your confirmation email.

7. Enter the address of your device and press send. It should look something like The .mobi file will be routed to your kindle. Sometimes this can take a few minutes. Next time you purchase a .mobi, you’ll just need the address.

How To Send Files To Other Devices

When you choose the option to download an .epub, it will go onto the device where you are making your purchase, such as your iPhone. Whatever program is set to open an .epub file is the one that will most likely receive the file and open it. Many iPhones or iPads have the default setting to automatically open all .epub files into iBooks.

If you send the .epub file to your computer, you will have to look up how to put it on your specific device, such as an Android tablet, Nook, or other ereader. So long as you keep a copy of the file stored in a safe place, you can send it to whatever device you choose to use to read it. The variation between ereader brands, and among different models within each brand, makes it impossible to add instructions for all of them.

If you have any problems, please use the Contact Form to let me know and I’ll be glad to help.

All the best,

William Turnage